Very few rated contest

there is very few rated contest that is held on codechef, only 3 rated contest in a month(in which 1 is alleged to be highly plagiarized) it don’t give a shot to improve your rating. I request @admin to increase the number of rated contest on codechef as only 3 contest should not decide the rating.


The purpose of giving contests is to learn something new and improve. I agree that the frequency of contests of Codechef is quite less. So, if you want to regularly give contests to improve, try Codeforces contests as well, as they are more frequent and there is an option for virtual participation.
However, if you only want the frequency of contests to increase in order to increase your rating, I am sorry to tell you that any frequency of contests will not help you achieve that.
Also, you managed to solve 2 problems in Lunchtime, have you tried upsolving the rest?


Have you analyzed all the 3 contests held in September?? Did you upsolve them all??


see solving all question may not be possible for someone who is new to the coding, also the problems of codeforces need some more skills which i may not possess at this time but codeforces problems require more algo. so i feel more comfortable at codechef.

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Why don’t you try :
If already done then try practice problems. Try attempting previous contest problems as well.