Very few topics on the Home page

Hello @admin,
For the past few days, the home page is displaying very few topics (precisely, 5). Is this a result of deeper architectural change as stated earlier here?
It is kinda demotivating, for contributors, to see very few topics on the homepage. Would love to see the homepage as it was earlier.

@cubefreak777 @ssjgz can share your thoughts on this.

I didn’t get you exactly?, I can see all topics on discuss home page.

He meant Codechef home page.

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Ah! stupid me, I didn’t knew something like that existed. I doubt if there are many people who ever voluntarily scrolled down on CodeChef homepage :grimacing:.

Yeah, as said by @akshitm16, I was referring to Codechef Home page.

The home page actually looks good if it has more topics like it had before. And yes, I do scroll the home page and visit interesting topics :sweat_smile:. Any new topic quickly appears on the home page, making it easy to flag unrelated topics too.