Very high price for Unacademy Competitive programming

The course available on Unacademy for Competitive programming is very good but it is very costly compare to their courses for ESE and Gate. @admin please reduce the price so that it will be affordable for everyone. It’s a humble request.


I don’t think admin has any say in this matter. Unacademy is obviously focusing on profits now. I guess we can’t do anything regarding this. :thinking:


Yeah, you’re right. The best we can do is hope that they don’t stop monthly challenges or make us pay for editorials… smth like that.


Prices are high for those who really want to buy it. I don’t think so competitive programming can taught by anyone in this world coz it’s just not a concept which you can learn from any book, and you are good to go. In addition to this, I don’t think, so over the past years of CP anyone has left any beginner to intermediate level topics of CP. There almost a thousand’s of blogs written out there. So, there’s no point of wasting money on this course.
Before investing just think for a sec and try to remember any name who has taken any type of CP course ,and he is now red or master on CF, etc. And always remember one thing “Nobody can’t give you a CP drink, and you will become a red coder overnight”.
Talking about the course, it’s well designed and structured, and all the things are taught at one place, so it’s become almost spoon-fed technique. And I don’t think so when you are spoon fed, there’s a lot of growth involved.
Ex- Riding a Bicycle.

  1. A kid having no help, try and try hard to ride the bicycle, but he fell many times. But all he can do is that ride again and try to balance the bike. And eventually he learns from his mistakes and becomes an expert.
  2. On the other hand, a child having an elder with him always to keep his bike balanced. So, whenever he’s in situation to fell, his guardian balances it. Eventually he also learns the bike.
    So, Do you notice any change??
    Yeah, it’s the MISTAKES that we did in our journey are extremely important then, anything else. We learn quickly from the mistakes.
    So, that’s all I have to say, I’m not saying that don’t buy it, it’s useless. But there will be and remarkable difference b/w a guy learning himself ,and getting rid of his mistakes one by one and a guy committing no mistakes at all.

If this happens, then everyone will stop using Codechef.


If still someone has doubt see this first

ys unacademy price is very high can it possible to reduce its my humble request because i think lots of student will join the course if they will reduce the cost . beacause its reallly very tough for student to buy on this amount