Very Less number of Contest Happening in Codechef from past few months

From past few months only starters contest is taking place there is very less number of contest available for the people who are in div 2 plz have a look in it


@kunal0612 - There are 4 contests per month since Jan.
All contests are necessarily rated till Div-2 - some are rated for 5* / 6* as well. Div-1 are fewer - approx once in 2 months.

Other than the 1 month break in Aug when we migrated the judging system - this has been the schedule.

Number of contest should be increased to 2 on the weekly basis earlier codechef used to take starters ,lunchtime and all. But from past few month due to migration and all very less contest are happening

@kunal0612 - noted on your feedback. No plan as of now to go back to 2 contests per week.