Very long submission time

My submission of solution to the ongoing challange is pending from last 15 minutes , what is the problem.

@aman_124 the most probable verdict for your case would be a TLE error. There is a rare chance that the server might be getting too many requests at this time and so the submission time is increasing. I suggest you run your code on an offline IDE first and check it’s execution time to see if it’s within the time limit given in the question.

It is mostly a bug. 2 of my old submissions are not getting verdicts as well, while the future submissions and other user’s submissions do get verdicts. This first pic has the verdict in spinning mode for almost 27 hrs.

@admin can this be looked into ? The links to the submissions for reference : and
The submissions can be removed if required since the submissions above them have exactly the same code.

I also noticed this in a submission of someone few days back.

This seems to be an issue while changing the cloud checkers, and has affected a few submissions. We are looking into fixing this now, and will update the ratings only after this is fixed. Apologies for the issue.

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These submissions should be fixed now.