Very small rating increase in LTIME111B

i gave yesterday’s contest after a long break from codechef and got global rank of 14 in div 2. But the rating increased by mere 25 points (from 1691).
is it normal in codechef now-a-days to gain negligible rating even after performing well?
i checked some other contestants around my rank, they got around 250-300 rating increase.
Can somebody explain the situation to me please?
is codechef penalizing coding breaks now?


Perks of the new ELO-MMR rating system it is.

I think it this new rating system isn’t rewarding for the hardwork which someone puts in to get to this rank, just because of the performance history. Codechef should use the ratings system similar to Codeforces or AtCoder.

i see. i’ll just stick to codeforces then.
i just hope codechef fixes their plagiarism problem first. Yesterday’s contest was a joke given the extent of cheating.