Video Editorial for Olympiad Problems

Hi everyone,
Quarantine, though necessary, is honestly a tad boring, especially the months between school and college. So…
I recently started a Youtube channel (coz why not), and intend to post some solutions to OI Problems I have solved in the past year. I will discuss solutions from POI/BOI/CEOI/JOI etc, and expect the problems to be from 1900-2600 difficulty level (?!). Obviously, these will be just the problems I have managed to solve, with/without help, so they won’t be super tough. Also, some of these problems might not have proper editorials or at least English translated ones, so hopefully, it will be useful.

I have posted two videos till now:

POI — 2014 — Round2 — LittleBird

POI — 2014 — Round2 — Rally

The problem statement and AC codes, are linked in the description.

These are pretty easy, maybe around 2000 level (?!). I’ll maybe do a few more easier problems and once I gain a bit more experience, I’ll post solutions of the harder ones.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the problems. I intend to post a video every 2-3 days.
Feedback is appreciated.