Video game for competitive programmers

The whole point of competitive coding is not for the professional attire of it but getting fun out of it. Many people including web developers and even professional programmers miss out of competitive coding because they are bored of the questions at some point of time.

There are a few things to consider like the rankings are usually fuzzy and if you do not have good ratings, you do not feel motivated and eventually people stop doing it.

I think it will be fun if the contests are more fun and interactive, giving a sense for achievement for everyone participating in it. So if people having equal ratings are made to compete with each other and if we make the process more sporty in general, it will attract a lot more people and help people be better at it. Also, we know editorials are an important resource because it teaches us new ideas and help us improve. But, many a times people do not follow the editorials after the contests. So If it is made a bit more interactive, it will be fun right.
What suggestions you people have about it and any feedback regarding it in general. Like is there any feature you guys find missing in competitive programming sites as such which will help the community in general?


One on One? Maybe you mean Codeareana from Hackerearth.

If there’s a video game you enjoy, you won’t give up on it, no matter what.

It took me 3 months to reach 100% Completion in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag😂, those who’ve done it would understand the pain

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yeah, something like codearena but much like Clash Royale where we will have to keep our stakes as such and whosover wins get that much stakes (points/ratings).

Also, People can make compete in a team and can learn together. It will be fun to solve problems in a video game mode and learning the stuffs out like that.

People will then solve more good problems then without getting bored.

It’s a cool idea, but you know what eventually there will be some really good players of this game (Reds) and some not so good (Non Reds) ,and demotivation would follow soon for them unless you totally remove any kind of rating or score system from it.

But it’s a pretty cool idea, i don’t know any OJs which has got a concept like this :thinking:

Do you have any ideas/suggestions on how we can fix this saturation problem and how we can make the learning process more fun ?