Video solutions & 1:1 Debugging/Doubt Clearance Sessions

Hi guys, how many times were you not able to understand the editorial solutions in text form or wasted hours in debugging your own code and couldn’t find anyone to help you with it?

I faced the same problem while competing on Codechef,CodeForces and in Google Kickstart so i have made a team of competitive coders, proficient in problem solving who are working/placed in your dream companies.

You put forward all sorts of your coding doubts and we connect you to a mentor who can help you in whichever way you want(text solution/video solution/video chat).

We will be taking in only 40 students for the first round.
Interested ones can sign up here:

If you are good at competitive coding and feel that you are a fit to be a mentor,
you can write to us at
You might get a referral from one of our team members in the future.

I believe this is something that the competitive community should focus on. A lot of competitive programmers tend to quit on problems due to absence of such a platform. Problems that come from online judges, online tests for software engineering jobs, tend to not have solutions if they are new, which is not the case with programming portals like codechef or codeforces. In such a scenario, such a platform would allow programmers to get going immediately without wasting much time looking for online solutions, which may or may not be understandable, not to mention the person will have to go through the solution line be line.

I support this initiative, kudos to you guys!

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you should also keep for who’s is working in companies. its very helpful for many people like me.
Its vary good initiative.

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You can write to us at and tell your basic contact details.
We will try to accommodate you as well.

Hi Maghav, will general conceptual doubts be cleared too?