VIM for Competitive Programming

I have been using VIM for Competitive programming for some time now. Here is a blog regarding the same. :slight_smile:


Here are a few points that I have learnt while using vim:

  • Not all linux come with vim pre-installed. Some are shipped with vim-tiny which lacks one of the important features of vim text-objects
  • VS-Code has extension for vim, which works almost similar to vim, and adds even extra functionalities of vs-code
  • Vim-golf is an awesome game for those who like using vim. It is quite challenging and requires thinking + knowledge of vim.
  • Absolutely, that’s the reason I said many distributions not all. Anyways, to enable important features like python, python3 and xterm_clipboard we need to compile vim from source most of the time.
  • Yes, VS-Code has a vim extension but I found VS code somewhat heavy while using that on low spec 2gb devices.(My 11’’ notebook).
  • No idea about vim-golf, will give it a try now. :slight_smile:
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Can Windows users use it?Or only linux users?

Yes, Vim is available on windows as well. Although I am not sure if my vimrc will work in the same way with that.

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Thanks for replying.If you got to know how to use Vim on windows.I request you to tell me the same.

It’s absolutely the same!

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Okay Thanks.I will see to it.

I personally don’t use any plugins but I use tmwilliamlin168’s vimrc. I also do a couple of addons such as auto-brace completion and indenting.

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I wanted to learn using Vim for a long time and now I’ve finally got my head down to try it.
My .vimrc is more or less the same as yours but I am having issues with copying code snippets to system clipboard. I can yank and keep it at Vim clipboard but for submission, I need it in system clipboard. I thought the following should work but it isn’t.

set clipboard = unnamedplus

Vim like VSCode Got inspired by your post and I learnt vim as well during this lockdown. Here is a link to my neovim config files and you can see the finished config is something really close to VSCode. I spent 2 days learning and making this for NeoVim. If anyone is interested check it out on the given link. GitHub - AnmolTomer/vim: Resources and Notes made while learning VIM.

Hey you can use vs code and enhance your competitive programming during contest

VS code takes a lot of compilation time, it is slow.

I don’t think it will take much time if you precompile the headers

Can you tell me how to precompile the headers?