Virtual Contest..

Why doesn’t codechef include the feature of virtual contest ? There were some really good contests held within the last 1 week but due to some issue i couldn’t participate in them .It would be really helpful if codechef could include this feature of virtual contest like codeforces .It would also be a good way to improve our speed and skills.


Yeah, it’s really missing here. The best you can do is take a stopwatch, set it to [contest time] and make your own virtual participation :smiley: A bit more bothersome, but it gives you just as much information about your skills.


They should atleast add all the problems to the practice area as soon as the contest ends. Many a time problems are added very late or sometimes not added at all.

many problems are still left to be added.

We will be adding this feature soon. It may take us a couple of months to do so.


it will be a usefull addition really loking forward to it :slight_smile:

When you are going to include this feature ?

it will be very helpful for preparation of short contests , please add this feature.

will this feature of virtual contest on CC be added? It has been 6 years since your comment!


@admin consider virtual contest to be added