Visibility of Testcases and Correct parsing of code

The testcases are not visible, by allowing to see the WRONG test cases is a MUST !!!

Many a times questions are brief and given testcases does not provide enough surrounding data, edge cases etc.

Another feature that is a must :
When we run code, Expected output along with the output of code must be mentioned >>> EVEN FOR CUSTOM TEST CASES !!

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Hey @yashasvi69,

Thank you for your suggestion.

For point 1, we already have a feature (for practice problems) that gives your failed test cases when you get a WA. Currently, this is available for ~1800 problems. You can find the list of such problems here. This feature is available for free on all of these problems till 7th of August.

Point 2 is something that we are not intending to pick up in the near future.