Visual Studio Code extension for Competitive Programming

Hello All!

A competitive programming extension for VS Code!

I have created an extension for Visual Studio Code that makes testing, creating, and downloading testcases very easy. It is similar to CPPFastOlympicCoding for Sublime. Search within VS Code Extensions or download from link below. Works on Windows, Mac, Linux. You need to have G++ ( GCC ) installed.

Extension Name : Competitive Programming Helper

Store Link :


  • Add multiple testcases.
  • Download from Codeforces automatically.
  • Auto compile and run, shows compilation errors, run-time errors ( stack overflow, seg-faults etc).
  • GUI, no manual file editing.

Please try it out and give feedback. Please report issues/ send feature requests here :



IO run does not have GUI.
Mine is easy to use, with just button clicks.
You have to do everything manually in IO run.
Try both, choose what you like :slight_smile:

Does this support only C++?

Yep. Only .cpp files and only gcc/g++ compiler is supported for now

Nice efforts…!! @hereisdx

What happened if problem has multiple correct answer??