VSN - Editorial

Thanks for pointing out. Updated info.

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I don’t think test data is wrong…
because distance from line PQ to center is 1.5756771943166707 , you can find out and correct me if i am wrong :slight_smile:

5 start again :smiley: @birjesh_1998

Hi @adzo261, I have followed a similar approach but getting WA. Can you show me your correct submission?

Refer to the 1st comment in the thread. You can also refer to this blog on codeforces.

@zymbio, I saw your solution and it is totally correct. It will TLE just because python is slow. Try submitting in “pypy” or using the number of iterations as 75 (finding the exact number of iterations has been added as link in the editorial)

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sure! will also go through the link :slight_smile: thanks !!

Time Complexity O(1) per test case reminds me of Grandmasters HATE this one weird trick!!! Top ten tips to speed up your program (NUMBER THREE WILL SHOCK YOU!!) - Codeforces xD

What? I think I edited that section out for correction xD. Where is it left now? :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Great blog you found :stuck_out_tongue: