WA, cannot guess the test case


which unique test case is i am failing to test and evaluate.

Help me out

For 3rd sample case , your program outputs YES when it should print NO.

in your logic you haven’t considered the case when an alphabet repeats for more than 9 times,
after reducing:
length= 17
but your logic says length=16
and please check your code on sample test case before submission

still WA, apologies for previous error, but i have tested now.


you should’nt be using the method of counting the frequency as the compressed form of
aabaaa is a2b1a3 and not a5b1, so tou need to give up the current logic. You’ll have to use
a different approach to calculate the frequency.
have a look at my solution.

when x= 100
is it so ?
a100 = 4

@ak_singh17 can u explain it with example

no actually for a larger number you’ll need to count the number of digits in your frequency count variable.
use while(x>0)
{ new_length++;
and remeber this count is just for the number of digits,i.e 3 for 100 but its actually 4 as its a100.
you can have a look at the editorial for more help.