WA for every correct solution (HS08TEST)

Everytime my code were getting rejected after providing correct solution. I KEPT IN mind that the way input/output asked in question still, can anybody help ?
for your reference


you need to check if the amount you need to subtract+ 0.5 is less than or equal to the balance. if the condition holds true, then subtract X+0.5 from Y .

	if X%5==0 and (X+0.5) <=Y:

Hi Abhishek,
Thanks for your reply. i agree that amount needs to be less then or equal to balance. for that specific reason i used #if X < Y: which means that if amount < balance then proceed, i hope i conveyed in someway let me know if still i’m wrong.
2. All custom test cases were right actually

yeah there is one more mistake i realise that X+0.5 is greater then Y, i didn’t consider this one cool