WA in BFTT|| please help ||

my sol :- https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/36386739

can you please tell me about a test case where my code fails ?

The first failure I can find is from the test input:


thanks a lot :grinning:

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how long should we try the same problem because if we try for too long it takes too much time ?

I can’t really answer that in general, but for Beginner-level questions - I’d just keep trying until you solve it. Feel free to take a break and work on another if you get stuck, as long as you come back to the original :slight_smile:


So you mean that if I tried a question for many times then I can take a break or i can try solving another problem. After this break I can come back to that question for further try .
Is it that you mean ?

That’s what I’d do - it’s up to you :man_shrugging:


Thanks a lot I will do the same sir :grinning: :v:

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