WA in PSHOT - which testcase is failing?

I was solving one question from easy section, and i got wrong answer, so how can i get to know which test case i am failing?
so, is there any way where i can find which test case i am getting wrong on codechef practice Easy section?
link - CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

I think in your last if where you have done (len - i + 1); shouldn’t it be (len - i - 1) ?
Suppose len = 6 and i =3 (odd),
So, number of goals remaining for A will be 1.
But (len - i + 1)/2 = (6 - 3 + 1)/2 = 2.

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yes, Thanks,
and is it not possible to see which test case am i failing like we can see on codeforces practice problems?

No. You can’t see test cases on codechef. I think its good; this way you will have to spend some time to think of corner cases by yourself and handle them.