Want to become a best coder in the world!

Hi everyone can anyone guide me how to become a great coder and i know to become a great coder learning just a language worth not all thing because the essence of a program lies in its algorithm and i am not very good in maths and actually i don’t like maths more but however i think without maths too we can’t become a good coder as to use algorithms i have seen many maths are needed such as combinatorics,Graph theory,Probability,Number theory and many more please help me out and i have seen many posts like this in forum but i think its a bit different or many not be, any suggestions are welcome and thank tou in advance.

of course ,maths is necessary for coding.But it is not the only thing that define you in coding.many who are not good in maths became good coders.daily practice in coding not only improve your coding skills,but also math and logical skills.first go for the easy problems in codechef.then you will get used to coding and basic math.then try to take part in contests like long,short,lunchtime.in long contest try only the first 5 problems,because that problems will be related to what you have done these days(first 5 problems are generally of “math”,"implementaion"etc.later on after 4-5 months go for learning algorithms.this would take you 3-4 months with practice.then you will be able to attempt all problems in long contest.if you need more assistance or have any doubts in coding …contact :vsanjayvyas@gmail.com and your doubts can be asked on: Redirecting...

Yeah, this one is definitely different, it is written in a single sentence without any punctuation :slight_smile:

Practice, practice and even more practice, that’s the key. However, you will have really hard times with reaching a top level if you are not good in math; most of top contestants either have competitive experience in math or at least are very good in it.

However, most of required math can be learned in natural way while working on algorithms. At least it will be enough to solve standard tasks pretty well.

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Thanks$^2$ but i dont think that i have so much time because i have to participate in informatics olympiads this year held by IARCS(www.iarcs.org.in) so if i will ony give 3-4 month on practisng then i don’t this i will able to qualifiy it.

Yeah funny joke :smiley: ,but what sort of maths do i need?

If you have only few month for it - I would suggest not spend your time on math at all. Simply learn it along with alogithms and related stuff.

You need number theory, discrete math, combinatorics, geometry… Well, you need more or less all sort of math. Don’t waste your time on it, especially if you don’t like math, better invest this time in solving problems.


Thanks very much and please also look at my new posted problem in the forum and give suggestions on this by name of “Help please it have been long time!”.

You won’t reach a good results spending your time asking for solutions at forums.


Thanks for opening my eyes.

Arn’t there more suggestions please? and thanks for those who give very useful approach.

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