Want to know how to become good at combinatorics

I want to know how to get good at mathematical skills …like combinatorics, permutation etc which are usually asked in contests because brute Force always gives TLE and I could not derive any formula which can solve the problem in seconds

Please share where to go to get good at those skills


Go through some problems with tag combinatorics. Maybe the editorials of September 19 challenge will help…

begin with this tutorial https://www.mathsisfun.com/combinatorics/combinations-permutations.html

Somebody please write a good answer on this!!! I have the same problem!

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solve questions on aops(AMC and AIME exams of usa math olympiad) and solved previous year pre-rmo papers(indian math olympiad selection first stage).

These sources contain all type of math but just solve number theory and combinatorics problems and combinatorial probability questions as other topics are generally not required in CP


102 combinatorial problems by titu andreescu(probably misspelled that) is a great source for combi problems