Want to Know little about Online Judge System

Guy! I want to know that if I made solution which will give TLE and WA for particular problem what will be shown by the online judge WA or TLE.
And if I made a solution which will show TLE that means my solution is correct for all the test case but the time complexity is wrong just.???
Please tell me so that I can work that way in next challenge.

If your approach is wrong (basically output some other Answer), and that approach is soooo slow (times out), the verdict will be TLE.

Because your program will be automatically terminated if it runs beyond the given time. In this case, the judge will not even bother to check the Program output (I guess).

If in case your approach is correct but is slow, still the verdict will be TLE.

The only case you get WA is your solution runs within time but gives some output different from expected output.


Yes, you’re right @suman_18733097