Was it a Scam?

@admin My college name was not there in docx u shared , niether i got any mail , and i mentioned this in previous thread but no one has replied till now ? Was it a scam?


same my name was also there but not got any reply yet :disappointed_relieved: :cry:

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waiting for @admin reply.

Would also mention here codechef haven’t followed there protocol as admin said that div 1 participants will be considered above div 2 even if they make a wrong submission.

@admin I also mailed regarding this issue but haven’t got any reply. Please provide subscription to participants with this issue.

As i solely submitted for subscription only. As i was out of station at time of contest.
just see my submission.



@admin i seen there are few participants like me who’s name is not in their own college.but someone else names is their place who are not belonging to the college.
How they can be in someones place is it mistake? if yes at least reply something so that we can know what’s going on.

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Same issue someone else’s name under my college which doesn’t even belong to my college. I mailed them but no reply.

@adad2 looks like no one cares lets leave it
@admin at least do something now

Hi @pst10 !!
great to see you again. I think the subscription was provided only to the people who made a correct submission.

But first let me confirm something - did you make an unacademy account by 3pm on 22nd September 2020 with same e-mail ID as codechef? If not then you won’t get it.

BTW I got it and looks like it is worth it.


@pst10 just incase you don’t know, only the top person in the contest from a institute was to get the subscription. You did only a formality with no proper code but I guess that someone from your college did solve a problem as in the list of people who are to get the subscription, from your college, some MOHIT NAGPAL is there.

moreover your rating must have taken a big hit from it as you were 5 star the last time we were in same discussion.

I missed the docx admin posted, can you give a link to the doc. Thanks.

@coder_indian4 Hey there nice to see you again actually before contest @admin told us that if div 1 participant will be considered above div2 participant even if they make wrong submission. That was the protocol but later admin haven’t followed which is not ethical.

I also posted screenshot of @admin protocol in my last comment you can see and i also wrote this in my submitted answer too. I was out of station so was not in position to take part in contest.

Yeah i lost 158 points in my rating due to that and haven’t got subscription.

And yes , i was already having unacademy account with same Gmail id and i had also filled the form before 1 am.

Have a nice time.

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@adityakarn Here it is the list of participants who got subscription , with their respective college names .


It is possible that the person who got subscription from your college is a div 1 user who solved some questions

@coder_indian4 He was a div 2 user when he participated in contest i was the only one participated in div 1.

This is standings of div 2 of my college.

even if codechef considered final ratings after contest mine is higher than him.

Let it go.
Thanks for your concern.

ok I understand why you are troubled. Wrong info from admin made you lose a subscription and giving wrong info is wrong. No doubt about it.

But just tell me - you just posted a code which does nothing and some people actually put their time for this that day so who deserves it more? it is also wrong that you get special treatment for being ranked higher previously. But they should have had same questions to make it fair.

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@coder_indian4 I agree on that to make competition fair everyone should compete on same problem set rather then judging from previous performances but that was not the protocol made by @admin that’s why subscription should be given to me.

Well let’s pause this topic here and move on.


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ya let’s move on. It is not that big a deal. I know you are quite good at coding and the level of courses which you will require to improve yourself, is currently very scarce at unacademy. I am not at a very good level so for me all the beginner courses work good to know how to make my code work faster.

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@coder_indian4 Good To hear course is working for you , go for it keep practicing.

Have a nice time.

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