Was this month's cook-off unrated?

The ratings haven’t been updated yet, normally they get updated in a few hours, but there hasn’t been any announcement either…

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It’s not unrated, i think due to massive plagiarism during AUG19 , when they update ratings this time simultaneously ratings will also drop for the accused. If it was unrated it would have been mentioned in announcement section. So hold your excitement :wink: solve some more problems meanwhile :smile:


The Codechef Team hasn’t yet decided upon that. It might be rated or unrated.
This is because of the problem WARRIORS. Lets hold our excitement and wait for the decision of the Codechef Team. They will do the needful. It will probably take a a day or two to sort out the matters related to the cook-off.:slight_smile:

What was wrong with that problem?

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See the homepage of COOK109. You will find out yourself

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