Way to decrease cheating in long challenge

As much as I don’t like long challenges, they are great and fun to do, and a great feature CodeChef has. But a lot of people complain about it, mainly cause:

  1. omg people are cheating
  2. long challenges are bad, no skill only perseverance

I’ve been looking at these posts and I have a suggestion to decrease the amount of cheaters:
-> Add WA penalty to the submissions.

How will that work?
It’s simple, those who get AC after so many attempts and hard work won’t just share their answers for cheaters to cheat, get AC, and rank higher than them. As of now since there’s no harm to their ranking in giving away their answers, people can give it freely, but if there is even 1 point WA penalty, a lot of cheating should decrease IMO. Opinions?

Also about complain 2, maybe CodeChef should add 1 more short rated contest per month.

There is literally no way to stop others from cheating in long challenge

We can always try to reduce that in hopes for a healthier competition, even if there is a lower bound in time complexity for a solution, people still try to optimize it (hahaha my sense of humor is dying thanks to quarantine)

Please stop creating thousand threads. None of these suggestions are going to work. Simply ignore and move on and practise and become CM on CF. Then everyone can see your skills.

  1. The “penalty per WA” thing you’re talking about is used in ICPC style ranklists. Cookoffs have ICPC style ranklists. You can take part there if you hate longs so much.
  2. If you want to give short contests, why not give them on sites like codeforces? Let us give longs here so that we can learn new stuff (like computational geometry in this long).
  3. Please stop creating threads like this which already exist.

sorry for creating my first thread thinking a lot of people are having problems about this and maybe I can help a little. If you can give me a just explanation if why this is uneffective I’ll close this thread(if I can, that is)

Correct, in-spite of wasting so much time on these cheaters , all must focus on their personal improvement , are they able to solve problems well or not.No company look over your CC stars. It’s just your tactic to attack the problem in interview which matters at end.

read it first ;-;

Nothing will happen by this solution …Just Number of Accounts of single person will increase !!


True, that’s actually quite common occurence on codeforces.

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