Way too much Plagiarism

@admin please take a look at this profile andhis answer during the october long challenge which is the exact same as this answer. He din’t even change the fu*king comments !!!. I don’t if the other person is involved in this. I have already mailed to codechef, I did not get an acknowledgement reply and his account is still active which means that no action has been taken.

NOTE : this is a genuine attempt to make codechef a better place and not to deface or gain attention. The recent case of http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/53541/plagiarism-in-anumla-very-shameful also has motivated me to write this. Hope the admins take note of this. And I will delete all this as soon as some action is taken.



Most probably Codechef have started evaluating submissions for plagiarism (that’s why ratings for long contest are delayed).

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mail the CC team about these cases…discuss is not a place where u are supposed to post these things!!!

Thank you @kunal361, I did that but haven’t got a reply so I posted it here.

That would be good news

They said so on Facebook…