ways to take input from STDIN until eof

Kindly tell me some cool methods of taking input from stdin until I get an eof as input for both c and c++ …its good to learn new things …:slight_smile:


I do like this:

int main()
long long int M;
while(scanf("%lld", &M)!= EOF)
   // do stuff here
return 0;

I used it, for example, for medium problem, Bytelandian Gold Coins :slight_smile:

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In C++ it is even simpler

int main() {
    int x;
    while (cin >> x) {
        // do stuff
    return 0;

okkk!!! I used like this :-

string line;
//do the stuff here by parsing the string

but it seems there is some space problem in it i.e it take a line then executes endl .
kindly clearify …???