We can't do anything about cheating in long challenge ? :(((

CodeChef we can’t do anything?

submission increases day by day and falls down approx 500 rank overnight,
which type of tonic they are consuming, which increases the efficiency of a programmer in the night, for a beginner like me it’s very painful to see CodeChef losses their respect in every long challenge.


You Better read the blog Codechef Blog On Plagiarism

Codechef takes every possible step to stop plagiarism, but they can’t remove it completely as they can’t change the mentality of the cheaters.
Best way is to ignore these and focus more on learning rather than ranks and ratings as a beginner. As you learn more things (which cheaters won’t) you will be able to solve tough problems which cheaters can’t . :wink:
Then cheating won’t effect your rank and ratings.


This is the third post I encountered, before this, I didn’t even know solutions were leaked. The first thing should be to stop such posts.
PS : Solved chefwed partially and not cheating.

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In the previous contest(July Long challenge) all first 6 questions were leaked. First five was leaked on YouTube and Dr. Chef’s solution was on a blog… what would you’ve suggested then? It’s not possible to remove them all.

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yup…and do injustice to those who actually solved those questions.


dumb post,just get better than the others.

@anub18 how do you know? you are the type of people who desperately search for solutions then come and brag about cheating.

There is no way you can stop cheating. If you want to really test yourself and have a much fairer competition participate in short contests.

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Are you an idiot? I didn’t search for the solutions… it was posted by multiple people on the Codechef forum itself… because of that, the solutions were taken down later. Kindly do your own research from next time before making stupid remarks. I am not even participating in this month’s long due to Codevita.