Weak hidden test cases of cook off september

Hidden test cases of the codechef september 20 cook off were very weak.
On problem https://www.codechef.com/COOK122B/problems/BULBS.
if the test case is
16 2

Then must of the accepted submissions gives the output 9.
But its correct output should be 8.
We need to cut (2-3) and (12-13) wire and then disconnect 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 bulbs.

One of the submissions that was incorrect and got accepted is https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/38071771.

This was the random person i don’t know.

I got stuck to fix this test case and my cook off got ruined.

How can this much important test case can be missed by the setters.

This contest should be unrated for all.


Bro i don’t know about the testcase, but i already checked this condition in my code.

I have attached a random solution u can check that condition on that also.
And there were many other solutions that were wrong but got accepted.
And note that if you did not check this condition then also you will get AC. That’s the main problem.

what about rechecking all the solutions with this test case?

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Rechecking is not a solution because persons like me have wasted their time on thinking over this case. But it’s not there.
weak question in cook off is not expected

@manishtanwar @admin
Please have a look into this issue.

Surely the given test case fails even for the solution of rank 1 participant in Div 2.
(Link to solution of Rank 1 participant)

Quick explanation for the test case:
16 2
Output: 8

cut two wires here.
00 - 10000100001 - 000
now disconnect 8 bulbs in middle of segment.

Please check!! because the hidden testcases were not that good for evaluation.
As there are penalties for a wrong submission, a participant will think twice before submitting any solution.


i totally agree with you

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Some solutions are working on this testcase also. Not fair for them if the contest is unrated

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weak test cases = contest unrated? There is a thing called rechecking the submissions.

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But its also not fair for those who got stucked in fixing this case and didn’t submitted.
Although this case is not included.

I understand you rating changed from div 2 to div 1 in this contest. But please think for others also.

Don’t worry. Codechef will do nothing. Weak test are a common thing in every short contest of codechef The most they will do is add this Test Case to the practise section of the problem🙂

Option(whether they want contest unrated or not) should be given to all those who submitted their solution and not to those who did not submit any solution

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It happens in almost all contests of codechef.