Weak Test Cases for @UASEQ Chef and Sequence


My code(Submission id: 4753055) Ac’d but is incorrect. I have sent an e-mail with the test case to feedback@codechef.com

Please re-judge and add more test data
@xcwgf666 @furko


@vinayawsm Please do comment on edit, if you want to edit my post justifying the edit.


I edited the way question looks clear. Initially was all in one line… N,K,A[] and ANS[]. I added few spaces.


Ok…but why did you remove the submission id in your edit


I did not do that… Its because we started editing at same time… I started editing your initial question… You can see the time lapse.


Ok…Thanks for making the post more clear.


Hi. Please send an email to feedback@codechef.com and generally try to avoid posting test cases here as it solves the fun for others. I would suggest you delete the test cases. Good work bringing this to people’s notice


one possible ans would be -5 1 7 13


@raja44ever , how is -5 1 7 13 possible , you can only change two elements , you have change total 3


Please can you remove the testcase and send a mail to the admin instead ?


@raja44ever…In that case, you are changing 1’s position, then basically you are making 3 changes…but you are allowed to do atmost 2 changes


sorry…but I don’t think I can remove it from revision history and nor was I able to find an option to delete the post. :confused: