Weak Test Cases in KPATHQRY [ Brute force solution passed in JAVA ,July long]

In the July Long challenge, there is one question “KPATHQRY” which is solved by almost 1150+ people in div3 and in div 2 almost 600+ people solved it, 95% of solutions are in JAVA language you know why, because the Brute force approach to solve this problem is AC in JAVA only (which is O(N) per query) , the solution is present everywhere, and due to weak test cases / lenient to one language cause this issue, I already mailed this thing to Codechef , and conversation with two of the moderator too but no satisfactory response from codechef’s side, because of this people just submit copy-pasted solution in JAVA.

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When I mailed Codechef there was 3 days remaining , you can add more test case or decrease the time limit of JAVA, but sadly CC did nothing. After a long time, this long challenge questions are really very good but I think some things will never change.


We were aware of the issue, but we tend not to change ACs to non-ACs during a contest unless it is very critical, particularly when more than 70% of the contest is over.

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I don’t think its just with java only , even my solution with O(N) per query in c++ gets AC. I thought of optimizing it if not passed but yeah it passed.
I also think there might be weak test cases.

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and when I tried in C++ , I got TLE in one of the TC

then atleast do moss for those copied solutions

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