weak test cases in march cook off MARCAPS


After looking at many solutions accepted in MARCAPS in march cook off i noticed that many of them fail simple test cases like:



1 1 1 2 2 2 5 6 7

Kindly look into the matter.


Can you please add a link to the solutions which fail on this test case?


The cases were really very weak. I found a solution which failed the following case, yet was accepted.

1 2


Can you tell me why isn’t the condition 2 * maximum_freq > n not pass? I mean if an element has a frequency greater than half of the number of elements, it fails to dearrange right? Or is there any other condition


there should be a hacking system like in cf!!



there are many solutions that fail many different test cases.
you can find many more if you go through the submissions.


Sorry but can you please verify again, second and third one seems to run perfectly on your test case


sorry i put the wrong link updated now


This has happened so many times(even in ICPC regionals).nobody is going to give any response and most important nothing can be done.