Weak test cases of INTRPATH

In constraints, it is mentioned that 1<=N,Q<=300000. But I found now that there is no any test case where N=300000.
During contest I wrote a code by fixing MAX=300000 for array size(for precomputaion), for which I was getting TLE and WA, then It took me two more days to optimize my code so that it can pass for N=300000.
But after the contest ends, I saw many people precomputed only till N=250000, and their solution passed. Then I also changed my code and fixed MAX=250000. And it passed all the test case.It means there were no test case which contains N=300000, otherwise my code would get SIGSEV.


I think they have mentioned it in the subtask.:


Subtask #1 (10 points): 1≤N,Q≤100

Subtask #2 (20 points): 1≤N,Q≤1,000

Subtask #3 (70 points):

  • T≤5T≤5
  • 1≤N≤250,000
  • 1≤Q≤3⋅105

for 70 points they mentioned that N<=250,000

Then Why did they mentioned in constraint that 1<=N,Q<=300000?:thinking:


May be they must have forgot to make two rows separately for N and Q, in the constraint.

BTW N<=300,000.:sweat_smile:
But this is very strange usually they write last subtask as Original Constraint