Weak Testcase in COW3E (code wars 3.0)

How can this submissions pass?
I think in worst case it should be O(10^8), Am I missing something or testcases are weak?
submission 1
submission 2

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OFF topic… is codewars3.0 rated?

No, it wasn’t rated

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simple LCM too had weak testcases.


Tnx…I am new in codechef. and don’t know where to ask these questions … How do I know which contests are rated and which are not?

Generally in a month Only 3 contest are rated. Long contest,Cook off , Lunch time.
Additionally if some external contest is rated then it will be shown in contest titile , that rated for everyone.

see submission for simple LCM (week testcases)
2 7 13 26 39
his output is 91.
but answer is 273.
gg testcases.

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You can ask queastion here.

How could this submission pass the test cases?
Weak test cases on all questions.
It should fail on n = 1e5 and a[i] = 1e5

what is wrong with submission 2,
1 sec time limit is 10^8 only

Yes, you are right.

what is wrong in submission 2 ,plz tell

I don’t think, in 1 second 10^8 is ok ? correct me if i am wrong.

see this link and tell me if i am wrong

in 1 sec. u can do easily 1e8 operations.

How to solve the maximize lcm problem? I think many had wrong solution.

than what is the problem in submission 2
the code took input that nm that 10^6
then updates that is 10^5 * 10
as each update the code uses a loop for rows which are less than 10^3
then again 2-3 loops of n*m
finally queries loop with each iteration having a loop of rows that is 10^5 * 10^3
so overall it is 10^8
which is acceptable

i think their also 1 sec means 10^8 iterations

may i know your approach for that question