Weeks ago solved problems still showing partial


These 5 problems were solved completely weeks ago, but are still in partially solved section .

Also, these two problems i solved recently FFC219C FFC219D
are shown in Fully - solved section but are at the top of the list ( should be at bottom )

Please look into this .
@vijju123 @admin


If you solved it partially in a contest, it will be shown as partial for the rest of your life.

It will be shown fully solved only in practice section.

These problems are in Partially Solved -> practice section, i am not talking about the ones i partially solved during contest

Same issue here…fully solved problems are showing in partially solved section. Kindly fix this bug @admin

I am also facing the same problem. Fully solved problems in practice are shown in partially solved section. Kindly look into the matter @admin @vijju123

Devs already know of this issue. Cant do more than this atm.


This should be fixed now. Please let us know if the issue still persists somewhere.

Apologies for the long delay. It was a symptom of a deeper scalability issue, and hence required considerable time to fix.


Yeshhh, It fixed admin. You are the best admin ever :slight_smile: