Weird behaviour of Judge during Feb-CookOff!

I submitted 1st problem of div 2 Feb cook-off(2022) and got WA!
debugged it for 1 hour and try many(maaaaaany) test cases!
and when I submitted again (with diff approach) in the last 30 min got AC on 1st submission and 2nd submission as well!
am really frustrated as I would have used that time in other questions!!



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Same kind of thing happened with me also for the 1st problem. Now it shows that my first submission was correct but earlier during most of the contest part it showed me wrong answer so i submitted three times with some changes or the other but now all of three are correct.

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i hope it doesn’t happen in near future

Difference between your first WA submission and resubmission.
It got WA because it’s wrong.


Looking at the author’s submissions, both seem to show AC - Sourabh Choudhary's submission of Prefix Permutation | CodeChef

To further back the author’s story, there was an announcement at 9:17pm IST saying that the all non-AC submissions would be rejudged.


Could you please checkout my submissions?
All of my submissions were correct. Due to the time I wasted on debugging my code for nearly 1 hour, I could have submitted both B and C which I was able to do in nearly 10-15 minutes. In such cases Codechef should atleast reduce my penalty time from the last correct submission to the first correct submission for A while calculating the penalties for B and C. In Lunchtime it might have been okay, but in Cook-off this plays a huge role in calculating ranks.

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I am taking about first solution

Where it was announced?
I didn’t saw any msg or pop up informing me about it!so I end up spending a lot of time thinking my sol was wrong
Thanks b/w

Same goes for me😢

When I saw you had WA only on PERFPERM, I wasn’t aware of the issues of the first problem and you didn’t mention which problem you were talking about. So I assumed you were talking about PERFPERM. Sorry.

oh my bad !

guys why isnt the rating updated after the feb cook off till now. How much time does it take usually

Probably a day at max