Weird C++ behaviour in Cook Off

Can someone tell me how this got TLEd -

and this got accepted-

Both have same complexity - O(n) and both are logically exactly same.

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Odd - can you re-submit your TLE for Practice? Maybe it was just some glitch due to overloaded servers, or something.

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First code is 78 lines and the second is 77 :slight_smile: XD

Edit : Just noticed now , you just have removed the commented code :frowning:

Yes it got accepted . But wtf . Can’t we trust verdicts during contest now.l?

Also it costed me a penalty and unnecessary changing of code for more than 5 mins.


Bhaisaab confidence gir jata hai!


Atleast you have the courage of removing a commented code and submit it !


lol :rofl::rofl:

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We had a look at this, and it looks like a very rare case. We have rejudged the solution and the penalty will not count towards your rank in the contest. Apologies for the time lost.