Weird Error

While trying to submit a solution in an ongoing contest, I was getting a very weird error that I have never encountered before. I was using C++ to submit my code. Could anyone give me a brief idea about what this error is:

{standard input}: Assembler messages: {standard input}: Fatal error: can't write 42 bytes to section .comment of /home/inosPn/ccE4N7MA.o: 'No space left on device' {standard input}: Fatal error: can't close /home/inosPn/ccE4N7MA.o: No space left on device


@admin Correct this error ASAP.

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@admin @vijju123 could you please look into this

We are looking into this. Will update soon.

facing same issue @admin

Thanks for reporting. It should hopefully be fixed now. Please try submitting again.

Which contest? Is it APOC Round 1?

Hi. If you’re talking about APOC 2.0 Round 1, kindly reach out to us on We will provide extra time to the users who faced this issue.