Weird thing going on during long challenge


Apparently some people have figured out a way to earn money during codechef contests.


I know its hard for codechef to point out the specific culprits, who are taking part in this kind of malpractice but still, there must be something which we can do to prevent this from happening.

If you are one of the people who is doing this, then please let the fellow participants arrive at the solution themselves. You are just snatching away their only chance to make mistakes and arrive at the solution.

If you are desperately looking all over the internet to find a solution for the problem then please dont. Rating is temporary. Your satisfaction will be much much greater when you will struggle on a concept for 2-3 days and then finally arrive at the solution.


I doubt anyone would pay for the solution at such a price.
I mean I know about cheating for ratings increase and stuff, but won’t they know about the loss of money since such people have a very slight chance of coming in the top 20 category? Also, MOSS would effectively catch both the one who’s selling the code and the one who (foolishly) submitted the paid-for solution.
So I think there’s nothing much to worry about except regret for the person who would go to such heights to pay for something (ratings) they could get by constant participation on CC.
It was a nice spot though!


Firstly let me thank the Guy who gave me an startup idea. Company will be registered in due time.
As an introductory offer I’m offering -
If someone thinks price is high. He can contact me. I’m offering more questions (you can check my profile.) in less amount. Money will be negotiated. Or we can have a bartar system.
P.S. - Money Back guarantee Offer. - I will take care that you wont get caught in MOSS.
You can ask for refund within 5 days if you get caught .


@aryanc403 Can I be your partner in this company :wink: XD
If you disagree I will buy solutions from you and will sell it at 1/5th price XD…
BTW is he ?
Yes he is XD
Maybe we three can collaborate XD


Lol. Found the seller. The Run time is also the same.
@admin - detective @l_returns has found the culprit. Order an Arrest Warrant immediately!

@vijju123 We have caught the dangerous rebel who is selling Codechef High-Security Military Data! Stop him before the nukes are launched!!


Yes i found him from 0.97 secs XD


@l_returns - You have now been given the post as the head of CIA (Codechef Intelligence Agency).


Thanks @infinitepro :rofl:


Eligibility criteria -
You must be in Div1.
A much detailed application process for being a partner will be released soon here.
Stay tune.

For @maddy_008 -
Are You in Div1?
Talk to Daddy when you come in Div1.

Any collaboration which he can bring in company is a few minutes job. So why share profits. :slight_smile:

Money will be negotiated. Or we can have a bartar system.
So I will negotiate with you at 10 times the price. So …


Eligibility criteria for Partnership. A application form will be out soon.


@aryanc403 Please don’t get external matters (mostly linked to politics) like JIO here, as it would hamper the unity of the discuss forum!


I think I will satisfy all 5 criterias :smiley:


Now you are ineligible. :slight_smile:


I will be eligible very soon… as soon as I get internship as I will just complete 2nd year XD


Should I open intership opportunities??


Thanks for reporting. The account has been permabanned.


Hmm. Matlab muje company mai direct involvement nahi rakhni chaiye. Warna mera bhi patta kaat sakta hai.


Company Closed. No form coming for partnership applications.
No internship opportunities.


@aryanc403 XD…


@aryanc403 :laughing::laughing: