What a Chef must do?

Usually a chef cooks, right?


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I have seen Chef do all a normal person can only dream of doing. Chef sends and receives sequences, strings, matrices and even graphs and trees. But that’s not the end. Chef also work for ABC corporation, has a city named on him, has an army and that’s just for May 2020.

Comment what’s the most interesting thing you have seen Chef do here?

For me, it was the robot war between me and Chef (Forgive me, I’m a bit biased towards my own problem)


I have always been curious about the personality of the Chef, I remember have read about him being in a certain way and exactly the opposite many times


Leave real culprit and PLAGIARIZED genuine one !!! (experinced recently) and above all provide quality problems also…

oh, I’ve seen chef do a whole lot things (flirting with Chefina, working weekends for ABC Corp during lockdown, and many more)

but more importantly, that dog Tuzik…uff
From stealing Treasures, to denoting mathematical functions, the dog is an all-rounder

[Chef does cook too, tho]

I’ll think more about this and revert to this post, lol :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


chef should cook a vaccine for coronavirus. thats what is needed the most

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Chef totally does cooking, he’s even done it for Gordon Ramsay