What all activities contribute to my points and ranking

Can someone please help me with what activities contribute to my points and ranking in codechef
Current ongoing contests

  1. Solving IARCS OPC Judge Problems
  2. Solving Past INOI Problems
  3. Solving Past ZCO Problems
  4. Solving DSA learning series
  5. Solving Code Ensemble starting today

Past contests
6… Solving past Long, cook-off, lunch-time challenges

Is there any other activity that can contribute to my points and ranking? I am new here and want to understand.

Do you mean how to Increase your rating ?
For that you’ll need to participate in rated Contests(long/cookoff/lunchtime).

these aren’t rated. So you wont see any change in your rating.
Although Code ensemble is rated for you.

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You can give code ensemble today its rated.

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Thanks. That answers my question.