Does participating in contest like these , help increase the rating ?
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Is this contest rated? How to know if the contest is rated?

Long challenges, Cook-offs, and Lunchtimes are rated contests hosted by CodeChef.
Unless specified, you should assume the contests are rated.

For external contests, if the contest is rated, it will be specified in the title of the contest.
If it was not specified, you should assume the contest is not rated.

For example, in the title of this contest there is β€œ(Rated for all)”.
It means that it’s rated for both div1 and div2.

Another example is this contest. In the title, there is β€œ(Rated for Division 2)”

If there is nothing mentioned, the contest is unrated.

The contest you mentioned is not rated.


Heard such a good question after a long time! Lol! :grin:

Thanks for clarification !!