What are the units of code size of my submissions?

What are the units of code size of my submissions? I can see 2.2 M or 2.6M or 177M like that. Can you please tell me what are the units of these size and what how much they are in kilobytes/megabytes/…like that?

They are in Mega bytes. It is the memory allotted by the SPOJ server for your code to run. Minimum memory for each code is some pre-defined value : 2.2 M for C, 2.6 for C++ and so on.Even if your code consumes less than this it will still show this minimum value allotted by the server. The maximum limit for problems on the new SPOJ servers is around 1500 M. It was 256 M in the older servers.

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But I’ve seen codes on codechef in C whose size is 1.6M

the earlier version of C was alotted 1.6 m. Those are the old submissions.Check the newer ones. they will have 2.2M

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but i have seen source limit in contests to be 50 kb then also my 17.7 M python code was accepted , can u tell me why it happened?

if its mb it should have declined my code!!!

was it source code limit or run time memory limit?