What compiler should I choose?

Which offline compiler/IDE is the best. Sometimes Dev c++ gives a different and wrong output than online compilers.

I will suggest Code:Blocks if you are using C or C++ and Lazarus if you are using Pascal FPC which i uses and Eclipse or Netbeans for Java never try using Turbo C/C++/Pascal there days have gone.

code:blocks is definetly the place to start if you are a beginner and having compiler problems…it solved mine and auto detects the compiler present in your computer…or if advanced use cygwin or something else to get a compiler …happy coding …

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go for code::blocks . Even if you have ubuntu you should use code::blocks , it has much better interface than using simple text editor and terminal.

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As you are using c/c++, if you are on windows, code::blocks is the best lightweight IDE i have used. If you are on linux, you can try geany, which is as awesome as code::blocks (tough code::blocks is also available)

and yeah try also not using Dev-Cpp because it gives many bugs and there have been many complains about it in Source Forge site too.