What does 0+ rating after solving a rated challenge mean?

Hey everyone I have recently participated in the Starters 9 Div 3 challenge and after the challenge I got an raiting increase of zero (0+).
Can someone tell me why did my rating not increase?
My current rating is 1590 and I solved three problems in the starters.

rating depends on your ranking not on number of problems you solve.

Can you give an example?

@admin Can you please look into this query?

If there are two guys have same rating(let it 1500) and in contest they both solve 3 problems in contest but one got a rank of 300 and one got rank of 3000 based on penalty and time taken for solving 3 problems , so guy with 300 rank will get +ve( let it be + 150) rating and guy with 3000 rank will have -ve rating (let it be -50).

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What criterias apply for a 0+?

+ve , or ,-ve or 0 rating gain all depends on rank . If you want to know how rating system works read this Rating Mechanism | CodeChef