What happened to PHP?

I have not seen PHP as a language that I can code in? It’s been several days. What happened?

PHP is an extremely popular language and it’s not going away anytime soon. More than 20% of all the websites are WordPress and Laravel is doing well.

Why can’t we code in PHP when with PHP 8, most of the problems that used to bug PHP have been removed?

I’m a paying member and one of the reasons why I like practicing on Codechef is because of the slowly increasing difficulty level of questions allowed me to practice both my PHP and Python.

Hey @mr_try_hard,

We recently revamped our judge, because of which we had to reduce our set of languages. We will try to add back PHP now within a day or two.

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Hey, enabled PHP and also updated it to version 8.2 from 8.0.


Thanks! Just solved a problem using PHP.

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