What has happened to discuss?

After a (long?) break from codechef, I decided to revisit the discussion forum and look for some interesting/entertaining topic. However, I stand aghast, looking at the current state of this platform.

Hundreds upon hundreds of “Preparation for XYZ hiring contest”, “Results of ABC company selection is out” (special mention to the “help my code won’t give me AC” posts, with 0 effort taken by the OP to resolve the issue) and other NON-competitive programming related topics.

What is this place degrading into? What is the purpose of this forum? Why isn’t the downvote system present here (please don’t tell me “newcomers will feel discouraged”, stack exchange has a similar system)?

Can we all get an answer @admin, @moderators?

Do you plan to clean up the current mess, or should I give up all hopes of finding any form of curated content here? I believe I’m not the only one who feels this way.