What important topics in C++ do i need to learn before CP?

i wanna know what topics are important in c++ except below mentioned (what extra do i need to know)?

  1. variables 2. if-else 3. loops 4. strings 5. array 6. function 7. still learning stl’s 8. still learning DS & algo

do i need to know pointers – although i know basic pointer(i know what it is? never solved questions)

what else do i need to know in c++ ? i mean topics .
i tried to find the answer on the internet and i was not able to find it !!

plz list the topic other than above mentioned !!!

I noticed you upgraded your comment to a new thread, Here is my reply to that comment in this thread.

first one item you probably missed: IO
One important one you missed is algorithmic design paradigms. These are some “default” methods to solve a problem. These include Brute Force, Backtracking, Greedy, Divide and Conquer, and most importantly Dynamic Programming.

With regards to pointers: the concept of a pointer is important in understanding data-structures. But in practice I rarely use them in competitions because most data-structures are already pre-defined in the standard library.


from where do i learn these topics and will you point me to any good resources? ty for the reply

geeksforgeeks is ideal for that. other than that you can have a look over cp-algorithm as well.

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