what is internal error

i am getting getting internal error on the April Long Contest problem .
What does it mean?

Internal error is not created by Codechef, it is returned by the SPOJ Engine that Codechef uses. It just means basically SPOJ “f’ed up” and hence all you need to do is resubmit a bit later.

An internal error should not be taken in anyway related to your submission.

@Codechef: Please see that this kind of error does not effect contests where “number of wrong submissions” matter.

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@Codechef @admin Sorting device MX problem is showing Inernal server error.
Please, Fix the problem.

it’s on codechef ide .when your internet connection is not or good or some server problem . resubmit the solution after sometime it’s gone

It is becaise you aren’t connected to internet or there is some problem with your internet connection. This error has nothing to do with the code you have written.

don’t know why i’to get internal error in C, but when i submit same code in c++ it got AC

We are looking into the matter and will get back to you once it is resolved.

03/04/2012, 01:10 HRS IST: There was
an extra space in the test files after
the last Nth integer for the problem
PLAYFIT and it has been fixed. All
submissions for the problem has been
re-judged. Regret the inconvenience

fixed ! :slight_smile:

i got internal error in an interactive judge problem , is this ok , what should i do please help !