What is Pairwise distinct?

Hi! Can anyone tell me what is array with only pairwise distinct elements? Does it means unique elements?
If possible Explain me with an Example!
Thanks in advance!

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In short no number is present more than one time

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It Means all the Numbers are distinct?

Yeah I guess so

All numbers are unique.No Duplicates.

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if you choose any 2 element from an array they couldnot be the same.

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Suppose we have a list of elements where every element is of the form [a,b]
List : { {1,2} , {2,3} , {3,4} } // This list is pairwise-distinct.
List : { {1,2} , {2,3} , {3,4} , {1,2} } // This list is not pairwise-distinct. Sice the pair {1,2} comes twice in the list.
Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

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It means every coordinate is unique.
For any two points, both x and y coordinate cannot be same.

| (X,Y) | = | [X,Y] |

Hi @aon_23 :slight_smile:
Is List : {{1,2},{2,2},{2,3}} is pairwise-distinct? I think may be YES ?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

yes it is. Since there’s no pair which is repeating.

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