What is the best place for learning STL?

What is the best website for learning STL? Can you give some links? I am just a beginner and need to learn some basic STL for INOI.

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Have a look at this.


firstly look at this topcoder thread. And also the book ‘stl by josuttis’ is good for this. Also the official documentation is of help as it is available during the competetions.

This 2 links are probably more than enough to learn STL … Now grasping is upto you.
Practice hard and best of luck. :slight_smile:


No doubt that Topcoder tutorials are really good but this one can also help : https://www.hackerearth.com/practice/notes/standard-template-library/

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The best tutorials I found after seeing the answers were the topcoder and the hackerearth one. Thank you @diveshuttam @sourik @nikhil_chandak @coder_voder

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A great practice arena for a newbie to learn and start using STL (learn as well as implementing in codes). A hands on experience is always great.

Try these : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVBorYCcu-xXTSJhEr5sx9aZ4fgEVz7Oo

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The first step before actually starting to learn something is to completely know what it is and how it can be exploited for the best of your use. I suggest you first go through the basics of what the Standard Template library is and what all it can do.

Go through STL Wiki for a basic overview first.

For a beginner, I believe the best place to start with is the Power up C++ with the Standard Template Library Part 1 and Part 2 on Topcoder. It will guide you through the very basics in a clean and elegant manner.

Simultaneously while learning about the STL, you need to get good at implementing it. Start using it in your everyday code. Try writing every solution with the use of STL, go through others’ code and see how they have implemented it and how it has enhanced their code. With regular practice you surely will master the use of STL. Good luck.

For those who are moving from C to C++ because of STL, there are plenty of resources available. But according me to me best resources are:-

  1. Power up C++ with STL(Topcoder/ Part 1 and 2):-

part 1

part 2

2.YouTube lectures of Bo Qian :- He have most interactive that I have encountered. He will not let you sleep and will keep your interest alive.